Bordering the world’s largest frozen fjord and the world’s largest National Park competitors will endure challenging sub zero temperatures in this most beautiful and remote region of the high arctic. Hurry Fjord, the spectacular Liverpool Land mountains and Greenland’s most remote village of Ittoqortoormiit form the backdrop to a new concept in extreme adventure racing.

This landmark backcountry nordic / alpine ski race will mark the beginning of a new series of Greenland challenge events and extreme endurance races and test the skills and commitment of pioneer adventurers over two gruelling multi day routes. An extreme sports event, adventure race and endurance challenge of the highest calibre involving backcountry skiing, cross country and nordic ski racing.

Private, corporate, sponsored and charity fund raising teams of 3 or 4 people are welcome to apply.

Arctic Ski

The Greenland
Ultra Race Company

North East Greenland
13 - 20th April 2016