Bordering the world’s largest frozen fjord and biggest National Park the challenge route traverses one of the most stunningly beautiful and remote regions of the high arctic. Hurry Fjord, the spectacular Liverpool Land mountains and Greenland’s most isolated village, Ittoqqortoormiit form the backdrop to this arctic adventure, now in its fourth year.

You and your team will endure challenging sub-zero temperatures and test your skill, commitment and resilience on this multi-day journey.

Enter as a team of 2, 3 or 4 or sign up as an individual to join a team. The challenge will begin with pre-event training, then the four-day journey on skis or snowshoes. Never visited the Arctic in winter before? No problem! You don’t need prior experience of ski-touring or camping in snow. Professional guiding from Greenland experts Tangent Expeditions is also available.

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North East Greenland
23rd April - 2nd May 2019