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Before completing this form please read the event Rules & Regulations and our Terms and Conditions.

Upon receipt of this booking registration form and deposit payment you will receive a confirmation of receipt and will be sent an invoice and links to further information that you must read within 7 days. (This is to comply with Distance Selling regulations and allows you adequate time to cancel this agreement after having read the required information, if you wish). This further information includes rather weighty but very important documents covering our Safety Policy, Risk Assessment & Management Structure, Snowmobile Operations Policy, Environmental Policy, Communications Policy and Dangerous Animals in Greenland. If you wish to download and view any of these documents prior to booking then please contact us.

The Iceman Polar venture is provided by Tangent Expeditions Limited to British Standard BS8848, Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK. Tangent follows the professional standard and principles set out by the British Standard BS8848 for overseas expeditions and has been externally and independently assessed by the Young Explorers Trust (YET).

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Where did you hear about the ICEMAN event?  Tangent Expeditions website Tangent Facebook page Berghaus website / newsletter Explorers Connect Sleepmonsters AWOL Adventure UK Adventure Racing Wilderness Medical Training Explorers Web Twitter Linked In Google Other search engine Word of mouth Previous client RGS Explore Kendal Mountain Film Festival Magazine advert / article Greenland Tourism Arctic Club Scottish Arctic Club Alpine Club Other expedition company Lecture
Do you suffer from, or have you ever suffered from, any of the following conditions or their signs and symptoms?  Cold injury (hypothermia, frostbite, frostnip) Asthma Diabetes Epilepsy / Fits High blood pressure Heart problems Prostate problems Muscle / Joint problems Back problems Peptic (stomach) ulcer Kidney stones Fainting / Dizziness Infectious disease Physical disability Psychological / Psychiatric Eating disorders Other serious illness or injury
If you answered yes to any of the above, or have a family history of any, please give details and/or operations and year(s) of occurrence.
Do you have an allergy to any kind of medicine, anti-biotic, pain killer, food, insect bite/sting, adhesive plasters, or have you any cultural or religious beliefs that may preclude you from certain forms of medication or treatment? *  Yes No
If you answered yes, please give details.
Are you currently taking any form of medication, or do you take any medication from time to time? (include oral contraceptives) *  Yes No
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Is your tetanus immunization current? (If not, please arrange before arrival in Greenland) *  Yes No
Do you have any current dental problems? (If yes, please receive treatment before arrival in Greenland) *  Yes No
If you have any medical conditions or concerns relating to your health which may affect your ability to take part in the event please consult your doctor.
Do you currently have suitable worldwide expedition travel insurance that you intend to use for this event? *  Yes No
If so, please give details
The standard free baggage allowance on the private charter flights between Akureyri (Iceland) and Constable Point (Greenland) is 20kg + 5kg hand baggage. All excess baggage charges will be the responsibility of the individual client and charged at GBP £8 per kg one way (each direction). All excess baggage must be booked in advance so that private aircraft charter payloads can be calculated correctly and likely excesses accounted for flight planning. Participants will be responsible for getting all your baggage to and from Akureyri, before and after the event.
Please indicate the amount of excess baggage you anticipate sending outward and return between Iceland and Greenland via this means * Outward Excess
Return Excess
For UK based participants, a cheaper alternative is to have all your excess baggage delivered to Tangent Expedition’s Northumberland address before the end of February when it can be shipped all the way from the UK to Constable Point (and back again if required) at a total cost of GBP £8 per kg one way (each direction).
Please indicate the amount of excess baggage you anticipate sending outward and return between the UK and Greenland via this means. Outward Excess
Return Excess
Please give full details of your outdoor skills and experience (not all the following are required of course, but help us build a thorough picture of your depth and breadth of skills and experience).
Summer Hill Walking
Summer Back-packing & Camping
Winter Hill Walking
Winter Back-packing & Camping
Glacier Camping
General Mountaineering
Alpine Mountaineering & Climbing
Himalayan Mountaineering & Climbing
Rock Climbing
Snow & Ice Climbing
Downhill Alpine Skiing
Alpine Ski Touring or Ski Mountaineering
Nordic/Telemark Ski Touring or Ski Mountaineering
Nordic Ski Racing
Ski Racing (other)
Snow and Glacier based Expeditions
Are you competent in putting on a climbing harness for glacier travel? *  No Yes (Novice) Yes (Competently)
Can you tie a figure of eight knot or bowline knot for attaching the rope to your harness? *  No Yes (Novice) Yes (Competently)
Are you competent in roping up techniques and taking coils for glacier travel? *  No Yes (Novice) Yes (Competently)
Are you competent in belay techniques for crevasse rescue? *  No Yes (Novice) Yes (Competently)
Can you place snow and ice belays using skis, ice axe, snow stake and other buried snow anchors? *  No Yes (Novice) Yes (Competently)
Are you competent in crevasse rescue techniques and assisted and unassisted hoist systems? *  No Yes (Novice) Yes (Competently)
If this is your first ski and snow based winter event or expedition please explain why you feel you have the necessary skills and experience to complete it safely.
Through the signing of this form I agree that to the best of my knowledge all of the above details are true and correct and if any of the information changes or any medical condition develops prior to the event start date as stated on the website. I will inform Tangent Expeditions Ltd immediately.
I have read, understood and agree to the standard booking Terms and Conditions and to abide by the Rules and Regulations as described on the website. I will read all the further website documentation referred to at the top of this form relating to Distance Selling Regulations within 7 days of receiving my booking acceptance notification.
I understand, agree and accept that this event is totally unsupported during the period of the event and does not include any form of expedition leadership, ski leadership or ski guiding service from Tangent Expeditions Limited, it’s guides, staff, representatives or affiliates.
I understand, agree and accept the definitions and stipulations of suitable experience required of team leaders and team members at the time of arrival in Greenland for the start of the event. I declare that if I do not currently possess the minimum level of skills or experience as outlined I will seek further training and experience so as to have reached such minimum levels before my arrival in Greenland.
I am fully aware of the risks and dangers of participating in this event and do so at my own risk.
I am in very good physical, emotional and psychological state and capable of safely completing the event as outlined, bearing in mind the likely extreme conditions to be encountered.
I agree to help, assist, aid and give first aid (if suitably trained) to other participants if required in an emergency situation.
I will stay with my team at all times during the event and be roped up in a team of two, three or four people at all times when travelling on a glacier. If camped on a glacier I, or one of my team, will probe the immediate and surrounding camp area for detection and avoidance of crevasses prior to establishing camp. If crevasses or other significant and potentially dangerous natural features and hazards are identified within the immediate vicinity of camp, my team will endeavour to find an alternative safer camp site immediately or as soon as is safe to do so.
I understand that the route itself is not marked, accept for occasional waypoints and flags at specific locations (to be advised at a later date of where these are), but these will be advised. I have the necessary skills to navigate using a basic map and compass in reasonable visibility, with assistance from the Tangent Expeditions snowmobile support team as required.
I understand, agree and accept that the event organisers or their representatives have the right to take me out of the event if they consider my health or safety to be at risk, or that of others, due to my actions or condition.
I understand, agree and accept that the event organisers, professional filmmakers and photographers have the right to take and publish photographs and video of me and my team, without asking for permission, and use these for promotional and marketing purposes for Tangent Expeditions Ltd, Snow Dragons, ICEMAN and individual photographers and filmmakers in any photographic, video or other marketing format.
All my personal, group and team equipment will be in good technical working condition (as if new) and myself and my team are fully responsible for its condition throughout the full duration of our time spent in Greenland.
BS8848 Direct and Indirect Supervision, Personal Time and Down Time: Tangent Expedition's direct and indirect supervision will be limited to periods when a Tangent staff member is managing participants during briefings, training, workshop sessions or meetings whilst at Constable Point airport prior to the event start. At all other times and during the event itself each group is responsible for itself. Participants will also have periods of Down Time, defined by periods of time occurring within the overall duration of the venture but beyond the jurisdiction of Tangent Expeditions. This will include all time spent in Iceland in transit and all periods of time at Constable Point outside of official Tangent organised and directed briefings, training, workshop sessions or meetings.
I understand, agree and accept the above implications of Direct Supervision, In-Direct Supervision, Personal Time and Down Time. Following the end of any period of Down Time I agree to present myself in a state ‘fit for purpose’ in order to continue with activities forming part of the venture. If I present myself in a state ‘not fit for purpose’ due to, but not limited to, injury, illness, drunkenness, or unstable emotional or psychological state, I understand and accept that I will not be allowed to rejoin the event or venture and that all such costs associated with my inability to successfully and safely rejoin the venture will be my own responsibility. I have read, understood and accept the behaviour policy relating to the ICEMAN event and venture and agree to comply with the policy and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.
I understand, agree and accept that I will not take part in any form of solo outdoor activity of any kind and that this could invalidate my insurance.
I understand, agree and accept that the region in which the event is taking place does not have the same level of search and rescue and medical facilities as would normally be expected in Europe or America and that this can significantly increase the chance of permanent injury, illness or death as a result. I freely accept this increased risk as an inherent danger of competing in a event in such a remote and desolate part of the arctic. I understand that there is no dedicated search and rescue service in east or northeast Greenland and that in the case of search and rescue and medical evacuation delays of several days can occur before the start of such operations. This can be due to weather conditions, aircraft mechanical problems or due to the complex logistics required to reach many of the remote mountain areas in Greenland. This could result in the deterioration of any medical condition due to accident, injury or illness, possibly resulting in death.
I understand, agree and accept that travelling on sea ice, glaciers, mountains and snow covered terrain involves inherent dangers that can often be unpredictable and that I can not be fully protected from. I understand, agree and accept that I will at times be travelling and sleeping on sea ice where sudden cracks, pressure ridges, seal holes and ocean currents can expose the sea at any time, which can often be covered by new thin ice and/or snow. I also understand and accept that I will at times be travelling and sleeping on glaciers where cracks, pressure ridges, crevasses, moraine, moulins (melt water holes) and other snow and ice features can create further dangers. I accept the inherent dangers of travelling and sleeping on all such terrain.
I understand, agree and accept that local medical care and facilities in Constable Point and Ittoqqortoormiit are limited to a single doctor and nurse in the small hospital in Ittoqqortoormiit and the medical officers and resources provided by the event organisers (outlined elsewhere on this website). I understand, agree and accept that medical care in the mountains will be of a less satisfactory nature than that normally available and that medical first aid and advanced medical care will only be exercised in a manner consistent with individual’s skills, training, experience and recognised procedures, including medical care between individual team members and also between team members, team leaders and medical officers. I understand, agree and accept that prolonged exposure to an extreme weather environment can cause loss of fingers, toes and other body parts as a result of frostbite or loss of life due to hypothermia.
I understand, agree and accept that there are other associated risks involved in arctic travel including, but not limited to, drowning and attacks by large animals such as Polar Bear and Musk Ox.
Weather enforced flight and transport delays of several days can and do occur for travel to and from Constable Point. This may delay the start date or leave participants stranded in Greenland for many days before their return to Iceland. Any additional and related flight, travel or accommodation charges are participants’ own responsibility. No refunds of whatsoever nature can be made for weather related delays or consequential losses. This is because of, but not restricted to, the nature of Tangent’s pre-expedition contractual agreements with our suppliers. I understand, agree and accept these delays and consequential losses.
I understand, agree and accept that the event organisers, Paul Walker, Tangent Expeditions Ltd, Snow Dragons and any associated staff can never completely guarantee the safety of participants during transport to, from or within Greenland because the event is being carried out in one of the harshest and most extreme environments on earth. Furthermore I understand, accept and agree that voluntarily participating in this event may put myself at risk of serious accident, injury or death as a result of, but not limited to, skiing, ski racing, falling in freezing water, drowning, crevasse fall, stone fall, avalanche, frostbite, hypothermia, animal attack, snowmobile transport, dog sled transport, stove cooking accidents, becoming lost, equipment failure or clothing failure.
In careful consideration of all of the above information I wish to participate in the ICEMAN event and take full responsibility upon myself for any bodily, emotional or psychological injury or financial loss incurred as a result of my involvement. This includes, but is not limited to, incidents involving accidents, surface transportation, aircraft delays, mechanical breakdowns, forces of nature and other hazards of travelling in a remote arctic environment.
I will send a deposit cheque for GBP £1250 made payable to “Tangent Expeditions Ltd” to the event organiser's address of 14-16 Glendale Road, Wooler, NE71 6DN, United Kingdom or agree to send a bank transfer of the same amount within 3 days of the date of this booking form. Bank details available by request.
I agree to contact Tangent Expeditions for bank transfer details and to pay an additional £2.50 (€3) for the ATOL (APC) payment contribution which will be added to my deposit payment.
I understand that this completed Booking Registration Form represents my legal contract and commitment to join this event with Tangent Expeditions Ltd. I authorise Tangent Expeditions Ltd to add any of the above mentioned additional services requested and their related costs to my invoice.
In consideration of the services of Paul Walker and Tangent Expeditions Ltd, it’s agents, Directors, officers, volunteers, participants, employees, sponsors, medical personnel and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and discharge them, on behalf of myself, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estate from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, suits, debts, and demands that I may have for bodily injury, death, or property damage, loss of income, delays and claims of every sort and nature whatsoever which may arise out of or in connection with my participation in the ICEMAN arctic ski event.
I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that I meet the relevant passport and visa requirements for entry into Iceland and Greenland.
I confirm that I am the person named and described at the top of this booking form and as detailed below.
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