Medical Support

In the event of a serious medical emergency, air-lift to the closest major hospital can be arranged, with approval from a competitor’s insurance company.┬áThe Air Greenland helicopter is based at Constable Point airport and in the case of an emergency, Ittoqqortoormiit hospital is within 15 minutes flying time of the event route, equipped to deal with most accidents, illnesses and traumas occurring within the region. A doctor and nurse are permanently based at this hospital and would deal with any medical conditions occurring before, during or after the event whilst competitors are in Greenland.

We have an official event doctor, Dr Robert Morgan. Event Director Paul Walker has a certificate in Advanced Wilderness Medicine. Safety Consultant and Head Snowmobile Guide Phil Poole is trained in wilderness medicine. ┬áThe Snow Dragons team are trained in Outdoor Emergency First Aid. The event doctor and local medics are supported by remote assistance from Dr Jon Dallimore in the UK, who has been Tangent Expeditions’ medical adviser for the last 10 years.