Dates and Schedule

The 2019 dates for the Iceman Polar Challenge will be the 23rd April to 2nd May. These dates are departing and returning to Akureyri in northern Iceland - an extra few travel days will need to be included on either side of these, dependent on your individual travel plans.

Please see the Getting to Greenland section for further details on Iceland travel arrangements.

Tuesday 23rd April Check in at Akureyri airport at 9am for your flight to Greenland. On arrival, you will be greeted by the Tangent team and given initial training in the use of your camping equipment.
Wednesday 24th Initial training day covering the use of pulks and camping in an Arctic environment.
Thursday 25th Further training including glacier travel systems
Kit & Safety equipment check
Final Event Briefing
Friday 26th Challenge Day One - through Poskkassen Valley
Event start 09:00. Event cut off 19:00*
Saturday 27th Challenge Day Two - across Hurry Fjord
Event start 09:00. Event cut off 19:00*
Sunday 28th Challenge Day Three - up Kalkdal Valley
Event start 09:00. Event cut off 19:00*
Monday 29th Challenge Day Four - across the glaciers
Event start 08:00. Event cut off 19:00*
Tuesday 30th Bad weather contingency day.
Wednesday 1st May Optional tours and activities from Constable Point or in the village of Ittoqqortoormiit.
Prize giving and final night party.
Thursday 2nd Return to Akureyri, Iceland. Participants to arrange their own onward travel within and home from Iceland.)**

* Participants still skiing will be picked up and transported to event camps by snowmobile, or to basecamp at Constable Point on the final day.

** Participants wishing to stay on in Greenland have the option of delaying their return to Iceland until Tuesday 7th May.