Ittoqqortoormiit Village


Ittoqqortoormiit was founded in 1925 on the initiative of Ejnar Mikkelsens. The foundation was partly a counterbalance to Norway’s growing interests in Northeast Greenland. It was also an attempt to create better conditions of life for inhabitants from the more southerly town of Ammassalik, by moving them to a new and better area for hunting. The Danish name of the town is Scoresbysund, named after the English whaler William Scoresby who first mapped the area in 1822. The municipality of Ittoqqortoormiit, which means “the place with the big houses”, is one of the most remote yet smallest populations in Greenland, but is still the third biggest municipality area in Greenland. Today, Ittoqqortoomiit is one of the last hunters societies in the world, which for many of the hunters means a varied life involving hunting, fishing, services and tourism.



The town is situated at the entrance to the worlds largest fjord system, the mightly Scoresbysund Fjord, and at the southern tip of the extensive alpine mountain ranges and icecaps of Liverpool Land. To the north of the region is the worlds largest National Park, which contains a variety of wildlife and is a very important area for international scientists.

You can book a tour of Ittoqqortoormiit after the event and take part in dog sled, snowmobile or ice fishing tours, or visit the small local hot spring near Kap Tobin. (Tours and excursions have an additional charge - contact us for details).

Ittoqqortoormiit village is home to several hundred east Greenland Huskies. The owners kindly request all visitors to the village do not approach, touch or feed the dogs. Any dog that bites, for whatever reason, must be immediately destroyed. If one single dog can not be identified then the whole team must be shot and this can devastate the lives of the owner and their family. Please respect this.