Experience the wilderness of arctic Greenland during this nine day challenge event. After receiving several days of polar training, you'll embark on the main event - a four day ski or snowshoe journey through the stunning mountains and glaciers of east Greenland. You will be pushed to your limits and learn arctic survival skills, as well as meeting new people and enjoying the remote arctic mountains.



On arrival at Constable Point airport in east Greenland, you’ll be welcomed by Tangent Expeditions’ staff and given initial training to put up your tent and learn how to use multi-fuel stoves. The following two days are spent receiving training in winter camping skills, travelling with a pulk sled, roped glacier travel, and the use of bear defences.

The Challenge

The main event starts on day four, as all teams set off together from the start line. Covering a total of 70km over the next four days, you'll travel through winding valleys and across a frozen fjord. Towing your equipment behind you in a specially designed pulk, you'll set up camp in the snow each night together with the rest of the participants.

The final day will be the toughest, but also the most beautiful, and the most rewarding, as you traverse two pristine glaciers and travel more than 20km. You'll be doing this roped together in your team, for safety on the glacier.

Descending to the finish line you’ll be cheered in by other teams and Tangent staff, before being transported back to Constable Point by snowmobile. Here you’ll have some well-earned downtime, a hot shower and a final night party to celebrate your achievement.

The whole event is very well supported by snowmobile. Tangent Expeditions’ staff are always on hand to deal with any problems or help your team out and will camp with the group every night.

The Teams

You're welcome to enter as a team of 2, 3 or 4 people, on skis or snowshoes (or a mix within the group). If you'd like to join the Challenge alone, we'll put you into a team with other like-minding individuals.

There is limited capacity for individuals taking part in the challenge solo. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.