Skis & Pulk Sleds

Participants may use either skis or snowshoes for the Iceman Polar Challenge. You can use skis even if you've no previous experience on them, though a weekend's practice in Scotland or the Alps beforehand is highly recommended. If you don't have chance to practice on skis beforehand, you can either use snowshoes throughout the Challenge, or use skis for the majority of the journey (on the flat) and Tangent will lend you snowshoes (free of charge) for the couple of short descent sections of the route. It isn't necessary for members of the same team to be using the same kind of ski or snowshoe equipment.

Skis and Pulks

Tangent have a variety of different styles and sizes of pulk sleds at Constable Point, all produced by Snowsled UK Ltd.

Pulks are lightweight plastic and fibreglass designs. Pulks have built in snow proof covers with a full length zip, full waist/chest harness and rigid lightweight aluminium hauling bars.

For glacier travel, we require an additional and certified glacier travel or climbing harness to be worn at all times. This is required in addition to the pulk harness, which is not approved or certified for glacier travel or climbing.