Terms & Conditions

You are recommended to print out and retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions.

The use of the words ‘booking’, ‘application’, ‘registration’ and ‘booking registration’ are all used to refer to your formal contractual agreement to take part in the event and your purchasing of the associated travel package that is included within the price. Where reference is made to the ‘event organisers’ the event organisers are Tangent Expeditions Ltd. Due to the severe weather, snow and glacier conditions that can be encountered during the ICEMAN POLAR event (hereinafter referred to as 'ICEMAN') it is absolutely essential that you read and fully understand all aspects of the following Terms and Conditions and the event Rules and Regulations. You participate in the ICEMAN event at your own risk. Rules and regulations can help prevent problems to a certain extent but it is your responsibility to consider all available information and take our warnings seriously.

INTRODUCTION: Tangent Expeditions Ltd specializes in holidays, tours, expeditions and events in remote locations in Greenland where the complex infrastructures and variety of transportation means of European countries does not exist. We will always do our utmost to keep to the advertised itineraries, schedules and logistics, however it must be recognized and accepted that this is not always possible. We point out that these types of activities do carry a risk that accommodation, schedules, flights and other related services may have to be changed at short notice for reasons beyond our control. Clients must accept that such changes, alterations to the itinerary, and other local difficulties may arise.

LEGAL STATUS: Your booking and legal contract is with Tangent Expeditions Ltd, registered address; 136 Highgate, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4HW, UK. For the purpose of the following terms and conditions Tangent Expeditions Ltd may also be referred to as Tangent or Tangent Expeditions, but this reference is to the same company.

USE OF TANGENT EXPEDITIONS AND ICEMAN POLAR WEBSITES AND CLIENT EMAIL ADDRESSES: All event registrants and enquirers who request information from Tangent Expeditions Ltd relating to the ICEMAN event or other Greenland activities, in doing so, give permission for Tangent Expeditions Ltd to contact the person(s) concerned by whatever means we choose. Where appropriate contact details have been provided this may include by email, newsletter, facebook, telephone, fax or in writing. We do not pass on or sell such information to any other individual or organisation for any form of marketing purposes. Enquirers can unsubscribe from receiving any form of information from us by contacting us directly by email or by selecting the Unsubscribe button on any of our Newsletters.

AMENDMENT OF WEBSITE INFORMATION: The event organisers reserve the right to change, amend, add or cancel any of the details shown on this website at any time, including our Terms and Conditions. All registered participants who have made payment of any kind will be notified of any changes to the terms and conditions within 7 days and given the option to withdraw from the event and receive a full refund if changes to the terms and conditions of the event are no longer acceptable to the participant.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: When completing and sending your booking registration form you accept and acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted all the information contained in these booking Terms and Conditions. Do NOT complete and send a booking registration form unless you have done so and agree to these terms and conditions. In completing your formal event registration you are also booking an all inclusive travel package that is financially protected through Tangent Expedition’s ATOL licence number 9074 (further details below). Any changes in your personal details provided, in particular but not limited to contact details, emergency contact details, medical conditions and ski expedition skills and experience must be notified to the event organisers no later than one week prior to your arrival in Greenland.

BOOKING: Your contract with Tangent Expeditions Ltd relates only to costs and services listed in the website description of the ICEMAN event. A non-refundable deposit of £1450 per person is required, along with a completed booking registration form. You will then receive a letter or email of confirmation of your booking and an invoice. Participants booking after 17th January 2021 must send full payment of £3950 at the time of booking. We strongly recommend that a suitable and comprehensive worldwide expedition insurance policy is taken out at the time of booking which complies with the rules on event insurance explained on the ICEMAN website. The price does not include flights from your home country to Iceland or accomodation, food and in-country transport within Iceland. Our contract with you begins when you arrive at the meeting place (Akureyri Airport) in Iceland and concludes when you return to this location at the end. Tangent Expeditions Limited is not responsible for additional flights, accommodation or transits required as a result of delays beyond the control of Tangent. During such delays, in country accommodation and services can usually be arranged locally. These costs are not included in the price. Participants who raise a minimum of £1,000 for Ski4Cancer are eligible to apply directly to Ski4Cancer for reimbursement of 50% of the sponsorship monies raised, subject to the minimum sponsorship amount being raised, and on completion of the event, as a contribution towards event entry fee costs. All applications for entry fee discounts relating to sponsorship monies raised must be directed to Ski4Cancer. No discount to entry fees shall be applied by Tangent Expeditions at the time of booking, or at any time thereafter.

LIABILITY: Tangent Expeditions Ltd’s liabilities are limited to the overall organization and logistics arrangements for the ICEMAN event and do not include any aspect of event team leadership or guiding of whatsoever nature. Tangent Expeditions staff are fully insured for event organisation, snowmobile guiding and liability for breach of our duty of care or negligence. The event involves independent travel through remote and often dangerous sea ice, mountain and glacier environments where the risk of unexpected accidents can be high. Every effort is made to ensure the safety and well being of all participants but Tangent Expeditions Ltd does not accept responsibility for individual client’s own accidents, rescue, death, injury or illness, however caused and of whatsoever nature. Tangent staff are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the environments in which they are working, but clients must accept that there are certain inherent objective hazards, risks and dangers involved in ski touring and ski expeditions, which you expose yourself to at your own risk. You are acknowledging such risks and your personal responsibility for your own safety, well being and suitability to join the ICEMAN event event by signing the booking registration form. In respect of disputes and/or other decision making procedures, the Event Director’s decision will be final. A copy of our Safety Policy, Risk Assessment, Crisis Management Plan and Emergency Response Plan are all available on request.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Due to the nature of the event and its extremely high overheads and dependence on full prepayments of flights and services to suppliers, we operate a system of two further instalment payments to fund the planning and development of the event as it progresses. These payments are split into two equal instalments payable 4 months and 3 months before departure, respectively. Payments can be made by cheque drawn on a UK or Euro bank account and payable to Tangent Expeditions Limited. Online and electronic payments made from outside the UK will be charged an additional EUR €20 per transaction to cover incoming bank charges in the UK.

INVOICING AND VAT: Upon receipt of your event application form an ATOL invoice will be sent to you outlining the all inclusive package services booked with Tangent Expeditions Ltd and including the dates by which the instalment payments are due. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts/payments at the rate of 0.05% per day of the outstanding amount. Tangent Expeditions is VAT registered under UK licence number 533 5521 62 but VAT is not applicable and not charged on travel packages to Greenland.

YOUR FINANCIAL PROTECTION: In 1992 The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 were introduced. This required tour operators to provide full financial security for client holiday payments through one of several means including insurance schemes, client trust funds and financial bonding through schemes such as the Air Travel Organizers License (ATOL) and ABTA. Tangent complies fully with these regulations through our ATOL licence. All monies paid by you for the package shown on your invoice are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 9074. An ATOL Protection Contribution of £2.50 per person will be added to your invoice.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: Except in the case of force majeure, if Tangent has to cancel the event we shall refund in full all monies paid to us. We will not compensate for any costs incurred in taking out an insurance policy for the event or for any other costs involved in getting to and from the meeting point in Iceland. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking at any time and for any reason at our discretion and are not obliged to state a reason. For clients cancelling their booking the following cancellation charges apply, from the day on which a written notification of cancellation is received by Tangent Expeditions Ltd (email acceptable):
Before (and including) 17th December 2020 …….......…. £1250
17th December 2020 to 17th January 2021 (inclusive) …....…. £2250
17th January 2021 to event start date (inclusive) …........ £3250
In some circumstances these charges may be covered by your insurance policy for reasons of accident, injury, illness, death or similar to yourself, a close relative or travelling companion. Please check with your insurance company at the time of arranging your policy. They will not normally cover charges relating to other personal circumstances or change of mind. If cancellation or alterations made to the event, its location, its route or its logistics, by Tangent Expeditions, is caused by war or threat of war, strikes, civil strife, natural disaster, weather, volcanic activity, technical or political difficulties affecting air or sea freight, air or ground transport, or other events amounting to force majeure, this will limit our liability. All related additional costs for participation in the event will be equally shared between all individual clients booked and registered in the event. In all circumstances it will be the Event Director’s sole responsibility to decide the future of the event and how it is reorganised. Tangent Expeditions will not be liable to give a refund of whatsoever nature for participants opting to withdraw from the newly formed itinerary and/or event structure and/or who subsequently withdraw from the event.

EXCHANGE RATE SURCHARGES: Tangent reserves the right to make a surcharge for additional costs incurred as a result of changes in the exchange rate between the time of booking and 14th April 2021. The event price is significantly reliant on foreign currencies and flight charter service costs that can fluctuate. We therefore reserve the right to add surcharges if these rates change. By signing the booking registration form you are agreeing to a potential event price increase of up to 10% as a result of this. You may cancel your booking with a full refund and without penalty if surcharges exceed 10% of the original total event package price.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: All participants must read, understand, accept and follow all Rules and Regulations for the ICEMAN event and acknowledge this through the completion of your event booking registration. The event organisers reserve the right to change or amend these rules and regulations at any time, including but not limited to, changes due to the weather conditions encountered at the time of the event.

EVENT CANCELLATION OR CURTAILMENT: Tangent Expeditions Ltd reserves the right to cancel or curtail the event at any time, without financial compensation to participants, on the basis of safety grounds following an unforeseen situation arising which jeopardizes the safety, physical or psychological well being of any participant, beyond that normally foreseeable as part of the planned itinerary. Participants are advised to have in place insurance cover to protect against cancellation or curtailment of the event.

CANCELLATION DUE TO INSUFFICIENT NUMBERS: Tangent Expeditions Ltd reserves the right to cancel at any time to prevent against economic loss if we do not receive the minimum number of 2 teams before the start date of 14th April 2021. A full refund of all monies paid will be made but not including a refund of any insurance or other consequential losses or services booked directly with suppliers by individuals for other services such as, but not limited to, flights, accommodation, vehicle hire, etc. Participants are advised to arrange suitable insurance cover for these eventualities and to book fully flexible and refundable air fares and accommodation.

MINIMUM NUMBERS: The event will run with a minimum of two teams. Teams can be any number of participants from 2 to 4, including a guide if required.

CANCELLATION OF CONTRACTED SERVICES: If for any reason Tangent is unable to provide an agreed and contracted service such as, but not limited to, transport then Tangent reserves the right to cancel that service at any time and refund all monies paid in full for that aspect of the contract. The team or individual are then free to arrange alternative replacement services and will be responsible for all such costs relating to those services.

ADHOC WORK IN ADDITION TO CONTRACT: Teams or individuals who use the services of Tangent staff for information, advice and consultancy in addition to that relating directly to the event, but who do not then contract such services with Tangent Expeditions Ltd will be charged accordingly for all such work. Such work, and any adhoc work carried out which is not covered in the original contractual commitment, will be charged at £50 per staff member per hour for labour charges, plus any associated costs for additional purchases and services. Office and consultancy work is charged at £50 per hour. This condition also applies to any and all work carried out for teams and individuals in relation to change of contracted logistics and services, search and rescue, medical evacuation or repatriation of any members of such teams.

SNOWMOBILE TRANSPORT SURCHARGES: Snowmobile logistics will be used to transport teams and individuals during your time in Greenland. The outline itinerary may include dates on which we intend to carry out transportation of teams, individuals and their equipment between different locations. These dates are not contractual because weather and other local factors, including mechanical breakdown, can result in delays and the requirement to transport teams and individuals on dates other than those shown. No refunds will be given as a result of a change of transport date. An example would be if bad weather is approaching and Tangent staff choose to collect teams earlier than planned at the end of the event, to ensure their safe return to the airport in time for your connecting flight. Snowmobile transport is therefore not day or date specific. Tangent reserves the right to change such transport dates, within reason, if weather and other local factors require it. If any groups or individuals request or require additional transport, in addition to that agreed and contracted, this will be subject to a £100 per hour charge per snowmobile and guide. Such costs must be paid at Constable Point by card payment prior to departing from Greenland.

INSURANCE: It is a compulsory requirement that clients take out an insurance policy that specifically meets the special requirements for entering this event in Greenland. Details of such requirements are given in the event information. Insurance is not included in the event package price. In addition to your independently arranged travel insurance there will be a £50 insurance premium payable per person for all teams who send out advance shipments of group and personal sea and air freight with the main event freight consignment in early February 2021. This cover is excluded from most standard travel policies. Tangent can suggest travel insurance companies that may provide cover for Greenland expeditions but this is no recommendation as to the suitability of their policies to your insurance requirements. Tangent works closely with specialist travel insurance provider P J Hayman but can not offer specific advice relating to the suitability of their products. Due to UK insurance regulations this must be done direct with your insurance company. Individuals must check all aspects of your insurance policy, its full policy wording and its terms and conditions, to familiarise yourself with what is and is not included in the cover provided. Tangent Expeditions Ltd can not be held liable for uninsured costs or liabilities arising from the event due to the unsuitability of insurance cover enacted by any individual, or which proves insufficient in the event of a claim. In the event of you needing to submit a claim for insurance, current regulations prevent Tangent from helping or advising in any capacity and can not recommend any action on your behalf. You must discuss all matters direct with your insurance company. Some insurance companies may limit policy cover to an extent that you are not fully insured or covered for all potential costs arising from situations highlighted in our Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to self insure against such costs or seek additional cover through a combination of policies. If for any reason a client must leave the event early for reasons not covered by your insurance policy, or without prior approval from your insurance company, you will be required to pay all such travel, evacuation, repatriation and related costs yourself by credit card prior to leaving Greenland. Clients must have in place access to sufficient funds to cover this. No such costs will be met by Tangent.

ITINERARY: The itinerary for the event is an approximate plan or aim rather than a specific objective. It is not a contractual agreement and local conditions, especially weather, may sometimes lead to a change of plans, area, route, or change of transport means to that of an alternative service such as aircraft, helicopter, snowmobiles, or dog sledges. Tangent holds no financial responsibility for such changes, nor liability for subsequent related additional costs and/or refunds of whatsoever nature. All flight tickets arranged by Tangent Expeditions Ltd are non-refundable. No refund of whatsoever nature will be provided in the case of curtailment of the event for any reason, once participants have arrived in Iceland. This is as a result of all Tangent Expedition’s costs having to be prepaid to suppliers and being non-refundable. Any refunds or compensation for additional costs, whether foreseeable or not, are the responsibility of the participant or should be claimed through the client’s insurance company where applicable.

EQUIPMENT DAMAGE: Tangent reserves the right to apply surcharges for unreasonable wear and tear and for accidental damage to equipment rented from Tangent Expeditions. For lost, broken or damaged items that require replacement, Tangent will charge the full UK recommended retail price (including VAT), with an appropriate charge for postage and packing and a 10% service charge.

EVENT TEAM COMMUNICATIONS: All teams are required to carry a Garmin InReach Tracker, (provided by Tangent), at all times in Greenland when away from Constable Point airport. This is to enable compulsory effective and daily communication with our Constable Point HQ and provide daily status updates each evening between the local hours of 20:00 and 21:00. In an emergency situation all teams will be required to follow the Emergency Response Plan procedure provided to all teams prior to the event.

MEDICAL ISSUES: All clients must report any personal accident, injury or illness to the event organisers at the earliest opportunity, however minor the incident. The team must work with the event organisers to ensure that the incident is properly recorded. Any individual requiring in-patient or out-patient medical care whilst overseas in Iceland or Greenland should inform the event organisers within 24 hours of such occurrence. A written medical diagnosis and statement of treatment, showing any drugs administered, should be obtained, kept and photocopied. One such photocopy should be forwarded to our event HQ or UK office within 72 hours of the occurrence. Team members are required to advise the event organisers immediately if they have any concerns over the health or performance of the team leader or other members of their team.

DIRECT AND INDIRECT SUPERVISION, DOWNTIME, AND PERSONAL TIME: The ICEMAN event will involve periods of direct supervision, indirect supervision, downtime and personal time. Full definitions and their implications are described in the Booking Form and you agree to the implications of these definitions through the signing of your Booking Form.

ASSISTANCE AND RESCUE ETHICS: All participants must render assistance to other teams and team members who are in a potentially serious situation, medical condition or life threatening situation so long as this does not unreasonably compromise the safety of their own team members. Teams must accept this possibility at the start of the event and that any assistance may jeopardise their own event performance and end result.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE: Any participant arriving at the event meeting point in Iceland on the agreed start date who has not fully complied with all aspects of the pre-agreed Terms and Conditions for joining the event may be denied entry into the event. This will be at the event organiser’s discretion. In such circumstance no refunds of whatsoever nature will be given and all subsequent costs relating to that participant will be the sole responsibility of the participant. All participants must truthfully reveal, by means of a detailed questionnaire in their booking form and/or other written notification, their relevant mountaineering, climbing, ski touring, skiing, glacier travel and expedition experience and relevant medical history, to enable the event organisers to make an informed decision on the suitability of the individual to enter the event. When deciding on the suitability of a participant, the event organisers will consider their previous relevant experience, technical ability, physical and mental toughness, fitness and group compatibility, as best as can be determined from a questionnaire. This process alone can not identify the suitability of a participant to enter the event and it is ultimately all participants’ own responsibility to ensure that they have all the adequate skills and experience in place for their safe involvement in the event. Any participant joining the event who does not possess the necessary skills required, through misrepresentation of their past experience, may be restricted in the nature and extent of activities that will be available to them in Greenland and may be refused entry into the event. This decision will be at the sole discretion of the event organisers. Any additional related costs incurred in Iceland or Greenland due to lack of suitable experience will be the sole responsibility of the individual concerned. The rules and participation requirements for the event are minimum standards and additional further consideration, common sense and caution should be exercised at all times.

EQUIPMENT: Participants may use skis or snowshoes for the event. It is not necessary for all members of a team to be on the same equipment, as long as they stay together at all times. Participants who do not have any ski-touring experience may still ski during the event, however participants who do not have a minimum of experience of blue-level downhill ski runs are highly recommended to use snowshoes for the limited downhill sections of the event. Practice prior to the event is highly recommended. Tangent Expeditions will provide these snowshoes free of charge.

BEHAVIOUR POLICY: All participants must agree to take an active and supportive role in their team. They must be polite and courteous to other members of their team and to other participants, event organisers and the general public and must not engage in inappropriate or offensive behaviour. They must show discretion and maturity in handling all matters concerning group dynamics and relationships. Following discussion with members of the team, the event organiser’s decision will be final in deciding whether or not any behaviour is deemed inappropriate or offensive. This will include any behaviour that is detrimental to the overall enjoyment, safety or well being of the other event participants, including behaviour that may affect the overall success of a team. Any person behaving in a manner deemed unacceptable by the event organisers will be removed from the event. All related costs associated with the early retirement of any such team member will be the sole responsibility of that/those individual(s).

DANGEROUS ANIMALS WARNING: Greenland contains dangerous animals such as Polar Bear and Musk Ox. Participants must accept that they are exposing themselves to a potential encounter with such animals. Polar Bear and Musk Ox deterrents are provided by the event organisers including early warning systems, flares and firearms, but these can not guarantee the safety of any individual. You understand, acknowledge and accept this risk by signing your booking application form.

IMPORT OF ALCOHOL IN TO GREENLAND: The import of any form of alcohol or duty free in to Greenland is controlled. It is participants' own responsibility to check the rules relating to the import of alcohol into Greenland.

PASSPORT AND VISA: It is your responsibility to ensure that your passport and visa are valid for travel and entry into Iceland and Greenland. British citizens do not require a visa for entry into Iceland or Greenland. Other citizens should check with their relevant Embassy. Full passports are required for all flights.

DATA CONTROL: The Data Controller is Tangent Expeditions Limited, registered with the Information Commissioner''s Office, registration number Z5964760, with an annual expiry date of 29th October each year. Through completion of your booking registration form you authorize the Data Controller to keep all aspects of your personal data submitted to Tangent in either electronic or paper format or both. This will only be used for internal use within the company and to be shared between the event organisers and the necessary Greenland authorities and Greenland Police where required (for permit, incident, rescue or repatriation purposes). The information may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) for permit applications, medical, rescue and repatriation purposes and to overseas staff. Client email and postal addresses may be used for circulation of relevant Greenland information and to receive our monthly Newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the latter at any time by selecting the Unsubscribe button on the Newsletter. The information will not be shared or sold to any other companies, bodies or organisations without the specific consent of the client.

JURISDICTION AND LAW: The terms and conditions of all agreements and contracts made with Tangent Expeditions Ltd, and including all matters arising from such contracts, shall be subject to, and governed by, English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

COMPLAINTS AND COMPLIMENTS PROCEDURE: Any complaints or disputes arising whilst in Iceland or Greenland should be notified to the event organisers as soon as possible. This is to give time and opportunity for the event organisers to make every effort to rectify the situation at the time, and to allow you to continue with the event in a satisfactory manner. For complaints or disputes that cannot be rectified to your satisfaction whilst overseas, these should be sent to Tangent Expeditions Limited in writing or by email at the following address below, no later than 28 days after the completion date of the travel package. No dispute or complaint received after this period will be entered in to or replied to. By not sending a complaint during this period you acknowledge your agreement to a satisfactory completion and conclusion of your contract with Tangent Expeditions Limited. Compliments can also be sent at any time, with no time restriction.
Tangent Expeditions Limited, 14-16 Glendale Road, Wooler, Northumberland, NE71 6DN, United Kingdom.
A Director of Tangent Expeditions Limited will reply to any complaint or compliment within 28 days of receipt of the aforementioned letter or email, to allow sufficient time to acquire and evaluate the initial relevant information. Compensation is limited in accordance with the International Convention and is limited to the value of the package with the exception of negligence claims resulting in personal injury or death.